My life is so out of line right now. First Carter is missing and he cheated on me now, I find out that my sons girlfriend cheated on him, and now I find out that he cheated too. UGH it’s such a  mind fuck!

ask-carabaizen said: okay mom! have fun! I'm headed out for the night♡♡♡

I just came from some yoga/meditation lessons my dear and it was amazing. I never knew yoga was my thing we should try it some time. Xoxo

ask-carabaizen said: go take a spa week to yourself anything. just don't treat me like a child.♡♡♡

You’re right darling I will. Xoxo

I love you.

ask-carabaizen said: MOM, don't even. I had an abortion a last year remember? I am much smarter now. I can't believe you don't trust me ♡♡♡

Darling I do trust you forgive me. I am in such a tense mood right now I am just typing away my anger. I need you darling. 

Anonymous said: so Georgina is a whore who not only stole Lily's husband but now yours too?

Yes that is Georgina Sparks.Stay away from her one minute you might be best friends the next you might be enemies. She is a dangerous slutty bitch.